Sunday, May 2, 2010

American Dream Pizza

So Sunday is rapidly coming to a close, and suddenly the urgency of my blogs due tomorrow and my early morning finals is becoming a reality. I’m definitely past the point where I can say, “I’ve still got x hours” and still feel relatively calm, and I’m nearing the panic attack stage. I knew I had to write these blogs, but I just couldn’t think of any more topics. I stared at the blank screen when I should have been studying for chemistry, waiting for some kind of miracle or inspiration to strike. And strike it did.
Just then, my phone rang, and it was a blocked number. Normally I would pick up, assuming that it was one of my friends using the old *69 trick, and humor them. With the impending doom of finals, I didn’t think I had time to spare for any shenanigans. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I picked it up.
“Hi, Bianca, my name is John from American Dream Pizza, and I’m calling you back to respond to your email the other day.”
I was floored for at least 3 seconds as my brain slowly registered what the caller just said. This was the last thing I expected to hear on the phone.
“Are you still doing that project on the American Dream? I can tell you the story behind how we named our pizza shop.”
Like I said in my response to Stephanie’s blog, I thought her blog entry on this little Oregon pizza shop was very interesting, and I too wondered what the real story behind the restaurant’s name was. I checked out the American Dream Pizza website myself, and upon finding a contact email, I decided to inquire about the restaurant’s history. I mean, why not? I had nothing to lose. I had written this email about two weeks ago, though, and I had lost hope in ever hearing back from them. In fact, right before I received the call, as I sat staring at my computer screen, I had gone through all my old brainstorm list and sadly erased the possibility of “American Dream Pizza follow up?” from it.
Anyway, here is the real story: The name of this American Dream Pizza place is indeed legit. John cofounded American Dream Pizza with his partner in 1989. While they were starting up the business, they were deciding what to name it when his partner’s father suggested “American Dream” Pizza. His partner’s father had immigrated from Argentine in 1985, with nothing but the clich├ęd clothes on his back. Once in America, he went from rags to riches and built a new life, went through medical school, and eventually became a successful doctor with a family. His son and his son’s friend starting a new business reminded him of the chances he took in younger years, and he felt that this name was very apt.
“Sorry if it wasn’t really that interesting, but that’s the story behind it. It was based on a true American Dream. Does that help you finish your project?”
Yes, it did, perfectly. Thanks, John! And thank you, Dr. Baptista, for a great semester!

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