Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joe Biden

I had the privilege of meeting Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, April 18. He came to visit near my hometown, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The reason why he came shows one of the best examples that the American Dream is still a strong driving force in the lives of many people.
Biden came to the Lehigh Valley for two reasons: one was to attend the groundbreaking of a new building, and the other was a fundraiser for the local democratic Congress candidate. The former was the event that I attended, which really struck me as embodying the American Dream. My boyfriend’s dad runs a company called Ben Franklin Techventures, which is an incubator company that provides start-up companies with funds and office and lab space to grow and develop. The federal stimulus plan allotted a good chunk of money to Techventures: a hefty $6-million from the federal government for the $47,000 square-foot expansion, which will create as many as 200 highly paid technology jobs and retain another 100 jobs.
This has been such a success that they are starting to construct Techventures 2, which is the groundbreaking event that Biden attended, no doubt as evidence that the stimulus money was being put to excellent use. It is a really excellent example of the American Dream come true: entrepreneurs putting everything on the line to pursue dreams of starting up their own business. A sector of Texas Instruments is one of the companies that came out of Techventures.
The location of the new building was on the campus of Lehigh University. During his Biden addressed the audience on the economy, jobs, and stimulus money. He also spoke about continuing to foster fledgling companies to bring more American Dreams to fruition. According to Mr. Biden, it's a success story coming from recovery act stimulus funds. It was very promising and reassuring that not only are people succeeding, but the government is facilitating that success.

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